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Quarter Century of Experience

I've been creating sites since 1999, the year I first encountered HTML. I have been a member of Wix since it was founded. I'm a 5 Star (Top) Rank Partner.

Our Story


First Website

was created


Joined to


Founded the Agency


Became a Wix Partner


Every time technology developed, I was among the first to catch on. I was trying to apply everything I learned to my sites. I always made websites as a hobby to collect votes for friends, on birthdays, and for competitions. I've built thousands of sites. I constantly improved myself in the fields of Design, Software, AI and Entrepreneurship.

Then, while I was telling people all I knew about the pandemic, I witnessed everyone watching my Wix video. It was the most watched video. I created a website by watching your single video and the messages were pouring in. Then they started asking if you could make my site. I tried to establish teams with a Master-Apprentice relationship. I've had hundreds of teams. Hundreds of people give feedback to every site we make. That's how we deliver.

The clients whose websites I create invite me to the theater or cinema, or we meet in some other way. But they never need me or any other software developer for the website again. Because I do the hardest parts. And I'm future-proofing the arrangement, considering all the challenges they may encounter.

So far I am progressing with 100% satisfaction feedback. In fact, I tell the people whose websites I create if there is a mistake in their business ideas. I am both an entrepreneur and an investor. I am also a Master's Mechanical Engineer and Sociologist. I call myself "Idea and Solution Engineer". That's why I believe there are more important things than money.

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