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Well Designed
& Easy to Use

We create easy-to-usegreat-looking corporate websites that you can manage on your own, without needing any developer.


May the Force be with you in Control Panel

Manage Members

Let your visitors become members of your site. Break them into segments. Make notes for each one that they cannot see. Assign your employees. Earn regular income.



Set up automations that work even while you sleep

If customers forget a product in their cart, a reminder message will be sent after 2 hours. Or give badges when they visit a site or complete a gamification. Be equipped with special powers. Provide automatic certification, open training at your own learning pace and earn money.

Completely Integration with your Social Media

Share to all your social media accounts with one click. Create free and user-engaging designs. Create and share AI-powered videos. Let your products be displayed automatically in the Facebook Shop. Embed your Instagram posts and be directed to the purchase link when clicked.

Easy-to-Read Reports

You can access all data about your site in one place. You can customize your page by filtering the data you want in any way you want. You can track everyone down to their mouse movements.



Hear It from Our Clients

We created 3 websites with him. Mindfulness Institute (Educational Institution), MindfulTalks (Speakers Summit) and Mindedtr (Association). He made us even an AI Mindfulness Bot.

Prof. Zümra Atalay | CEO of Mindfulness Institute


Easy to Use

Great Looking

Needs Nobody

SEO Friendly

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